• Business Coach Bio

    Lisa is a marketing and special events professional, with over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and service provider to small business owners. She is an international, motivational speaker, life and business coach, author of 6 books, ghost writer and professional book editor.


    Lisa has vast experience hosting many types of special events, from meetings to corporate parties, to speaking events and also organizing large trade shows. She has booked and managed entertainers, done Breakfast T.V. spots in Calgary for the Bay, helped open the Hyatt Hotel in Calgary, AB, Canada and was the head law of attraction coach, for Mind Movies.


    She is a graphic artist and production graphic artist, a proficient web designer and expert social media marketer. She has an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry, promotional industry and social media industry.


    Lisa has worked for advertising and special events firms and marketed for a multi-level marketing company. She was the executive editor for a mortgage magazine and head editor for a women's magazine and publishing company. She has in-depth understanding, of how to edit, publish and market books effectively.



    Life Coach Bio

    Lisa Petr is the creatrix of Zen of Why Enterprises and is a home schooling mom of 2 girls and mom to 2 doggies on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. She is a certified life coach and by necessity, food allergy coach and child with anxiety coach. She is a motivational speaker, author, professional book editor and business coach.


    Her other talents include intuitive channeling, card reading, astrology and numerology readings and energy forecasting. She is a self-taught Law of Attraction and esoteric guide, who understands many modalities and can read the energy of events and energy fields, in order to help her clients be in the flow of success and abundance.


    She uses many modalities including Energy Medicine, EFT Tapping, Guided Meditations, Journaling, Energy Forecasting, Oracle Card readings and tapping into the Akashic Records, to help her personal clients reach their dreams and break through self-limiting beliefs. She is also the head coach for the Neuro Alignment Model by Todd Ritchey, which is a neuroscience based therapeutic and theoretical model that helps people re-wire their brains from any addiction.


    She has healed all of her and her daughters 8 major food allergies though positive thinking and getting out of an addictive victim mindset!


    She believes life is a learning auditorium, where we can learn to manifest anything we want and live our dream life now! She believes in walking her talk and following her authentic soul path each and every day.

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