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When you Fail - "Eat the Frog!"

Advice for what to do when failure strikes in business . . .

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What do you do, when a project Fails?

Well, you have to "buck up" and "Eat that Frog", when failure strikes.

When a job or project hits a snag or falls off the rails, that is often when panic sets in. An obstacle or flat out fail, does not mean you should give up, it means refocusing is needed. In this post we will talk about, why you should choose to "Eat the Frog".

When people get “stuck" or a project bombs, often a person's first impulse is to put the job aside and grab something else to do, in order to feel productive and regain their confidence. But you are only adding another task to your plate and you have created a "frog for dinner". That means you have a task you don't want to deal with, you so find anything and everything else to do, so you don't have to deal with/eat that frog.

Unfinished work makes us feel guilty, we scatter our energy and because we have lost focus, other projects start to go sideways. You have to "Eat the Frog!" You have to pick up your courage and address that fail. You have to find out what went wrong, fix it or re-boot.

Maybe your approach wasn't right, maybe your graphics were off or maybe you were talking to the wrong audience. If you fix the problem, you will see the gift that was waiting to be seen and in the end, you will gain valuable wisdom from "the Frog".

I don't know a single successful person, who did not learn from a fail. Many times, our failures are what create our successes; but unless you "Eat that Frog", you will not grow as a person, or as a company.

The next time you fail, grab your fork and invite that Frog to dinner immediately. You will not always find the wisdom in the fail right away, but you will remain focused, tie up any loose ends and keep moving forward.

(No Frogs were harmed or eaten, during the writing of this post.)


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