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Head Shot Photo Hack

What to do when you can't afford professional photos!

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You don't have to spend a lot of money, to look good. Are you looking to get head shots done for marketing materials, a book cover, or your website? Traditionally you would go to a professional photographer or photo studio and get them done. However, sitting fees can be quite high, ranging around $150 - $300, for a few beautiful images.

Don't get me wrong, quality of professional photographers are fantastic, but that price might be out of your budget, right at the moment. That doesn't mean you have to resort to selfies. Please don't resort to selfies!

I live in a small town and did not have access to a Walmart photo studio - which is always a decent option, so I got creative. We have a business center that does passport photos. I asked them if they would do a few shots of me, for my website. They were super happy to do it and I got 15 images for less then $20! Now that's budget conscious! I cropped them in PowerPoint and what you see above is what I got done. Not bad - and they are getting rave reviews!

You can even call up your local collage and see if there are any photography students who are interested in taking your picture. You can do this for marketing video's as well. Many students are happy to get paid a reasonable price and work on their skills at the same time.

Small business owner with a limited budget, can get decent quality photos and video's for less money, until they can afford the professionals. You just have to get creative and realize that the quality may not be perfect, but it will make your image and brand look a whole lot more professional; to have decent quality photos and videos.

I recommend getting the images and video's redone once you can hire a professional. They are always your best bet, but if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. Now you don't go without!

Helping you look your best, on a budget!

Lisa Petr & Zen Virtual Assistant Team

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