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How to Promote

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Awesome Social Media Tips to Promote Your next virtual or live Event!

This is fantastic information for trades show vendors, speakers, coaches, event planners, small business owners, consultants, marketers, photographers and authors. You can use this information when hosting any special event, including a conference, wedding, trades show or retreat.

1. Promote your upcoming event on social media:
☆before the event to create hype and interest
☆ to educate people about the event and why they should attend
☆ to let people know how they can get tickets or sign up. Post links to the events page or links to the ticket site.
☆ promote your speakers, your sponsors, and early bird tickets.
☆ create a custom hashtag - Pro tip: Google it first to make sure it’s not being used. This way people can search the hashtag when they want information and it's an easy way to share the event with their friends or clients.
☆ reach a new audience that might want to come to your event or start to follow you.
☆ use visuals, facts and video, to create an inviting experience for people who are about to attend the event, posted at regular intervals leading up to the event. Post more heavily 2 days prior to the event, to generate excitement and get people who are on the fence, to purchase.
☆ let your guests know what to expect and what to bring or the dress code.
☆ if you’re attending an event (as a biz), let people know you’ll be there, by using the hashtag and your booth #, so they can find you. Invite them to drop by and say hello. You can even let them know if they mention they saw you in social media, they get something for free or a bigger discount.

2. Use social media during the event to:
☆ create a virtual experience for people who can't attend the event, so they still feel part of the event. Making people feel connected and in the loop, shows you care about everyone, even those who can't attend, and can see why they might want to attend your next event. It builds really great relationships, with people.
☆ give the audience at the event and also not at the event, a glimpse the magic going on at your event, by having someone post visuals, tips and video, during the event. People may post to their own social media pages, awesome picture and clips from the event, if you provide them. People not at the event, may also post these clips to their pages too; which expands your reach.
☆ post snips of great tips or ideas your speakers said right away, during the course of the event, so people can share to their pages and people not at the event can see the value of joining you at your next event. They might also share these posts and you now have an army of free promoters.
☆ posting is NOT something you do. You hire people who know what they are doing, to post for you. You are looking after your guests and being a host. They promote your event, during the event. It's a full-time job at the event to post and it is well worth the money to promote your event.

3.Use social media after your event:
☆ keep the conversation going, ask people at the event to post their best take-aways from the event, what they loved best, their special moments and why they would come again.
☆ post more great information shared at the event, by your speakers, so people can learn things, even if they were not at the event. This shows people you care about all your clients, even the ones not at the event.
☆ post amazing moments, funny things that happened and heartfelt moments. This keeps the event feeling going and allows those people who couldn't attend, to feel like they were part of it in some way.
☆ after all of these amazing tips, information and exciting moments are shared - promote your next event right away, while people are still in the glow of the event and want more. Those who could not attend, but you made them feel part of it, will be more likely to sign up in this moment as well.

4. Promoting a future event. 
☆ when you are about to promote your next event, help people remember how great the last event was, by reposting some of the best clips, amazing and heart felt moments and tips from your last event. It will help people remember how amazing your events are and want to sign up for the next one.
☆ add the new hashtag for the next event and a link to find out more info.
☆ use the old hashtag and let people know they can check out your past events, by searching this past event hashtag.
☆ now start at #1 again and start promoting!

You can use these tips for trades shows, speaking events, workshops, meetings, retreats, courses, book signings, launches and even weddings.

For people hosting a wedding, using these tips will help guests who can't come, still feel connected and feel part of your beautiful day.

Helping you reach your target markets effectively!
Lisa Petr 


Inspired by Sabrina Cadini's #twittersmarter posts.

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