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Learn how to Connect on LinkedIn

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TR Garland is a LinkedIn guru!

Here are a few tips I got from watching his webinar. I am starting to have success connecting with potential clients, by putting his tips into practice.

I used to think Linked in was nothing more then a glorified place to post your resume and hope people found you. Boy was I wrong! LinkedIn is a virtual Trades Show event!!! Now that, I can wrap my head around! I organize trades show events, so I really get his analogy. You have to think about your profile page as a booth, at a trades show event.

•Do you have the proper signage (your profile page)

•Do you have brochures out, telling people what you do (your skills, experience, schooling and posts on LinkedIn)

•Do you connect with the people who drop business cards in your draw box (people viewing your profile and connecting with you on LinkedIn)

What I really benefited from, was realizing that when I got a notice on LinkedIn, that someone had viewed my profile or had connected with me, I needed to say hello. Just like if someone entered the business card draw, at my booth.

Here is the script I created if someone accepted my invite or viewed my profile:

"Hi (name), I'm excited to connect with you on LinkedIn. My companies are Zen of Why Enterprises/Zen Virtual Assistant/Zen Word Whisperer Book Editing. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. I love networking and talking marketing strategy with other business professionals. You can reach out to me if you ever need anything, at

Have fantastic day! Lisa

As a thank you for connecting, I have attached a few tips on branding images on social media. Enjoy!…/yay-or-nay-to-branded-…"

Not everyone commented back, but several people did and we are now chatting and swapping strategies. We are building relationships and relationships often equal sales or referrals, just like at a trades show booth!

Check TR out, on his site - I don't sell for him, nor is he an affiliate of mine, but he is really smart at what he does and I like to support great business strategists!

If you want to get more out of your LinkedIn experience, his ideas are awesome!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, as much as I did and are able to start building relationships with other business professionals on LinkedIn.

Helping you engage with your target markets effectively!

Lisa Petr

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