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The human body is a living Galaxy

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I had an epiphany today while listening to and then reading an article about the wisdom barrier.

I thought, hey, that sounds like a human cell wall. The bad stays out when the cell wall is healthy and only the good gets through. Just like what I posted about earlier.
The cancer, viruses, bacteria or "darkness" are all dealt with by white "light" blood cells that surround them and remove them.
The brain synapses look like a galaxy and energy jumps from point to point and not in a straight line, just like in quantum mechanics.
The heart manages the brain and directs things, like universal love directing consciousness.
Cells can remake themselves, evolve, heal and grow into entirely new things depending on their environment, just like people and other species.
The DNA spiral is like the spiral of the net of light that consciousness travels on.
All the 3 trillion cells in our body are all individuals, all have consciousness but work together. They work in agreement with each other and they are all based from of the same elemental make up. Just like everything in the galaxy, it is all made from quantum energy and works in agreement with each other.
I think when science begins to realize everything we ever wanted to know about the universe is shown/depicted within the human body, then we will begin to truly start understanding the universe.
Why have bodies that are so complex, that are true miracles, if not for a VERY, VERY good reason. Nothing is a coincidence in this life - nothing. I believe we have been given a living map or template if you will of the galaxy within each human being. We were just looking at our all wrong.
I think Einstein, Tesla, Davinci and other great thinkers realized this. I think Epigentics knows this . . .
Hmmmmm, lots to ponder.
Lisa Petr

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