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A hypothesis about weight gain and loss

Something I have been mulling for quite . . .

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I have been mulling over the idea of what causes weight gain for quite some time now. I know that our thoughts control our reality and how our body functions, manifests health or dis-ease and also how it can lead to weight gain and weight loss. Our thoughts create our reality, but I couldn't figure out quite how it happens in regards to weight and stress.

In 2013 I was about 170 pounds. I was definitely stressed as a mom too two kids and was unhappy and quite sick all the time. This was before my life coaching journey and awakening.   During this time, I felt called to help out as a crisis coordinator during the Calgary Floods. It certainly put me in a state of survival stress for over 3 weeks and I lost about 35 pounds very, very quickly, but my diet and exercise level did not change.

After the floods were over, I kept the weight off for over 2 years,but I was also in a state of extreme stress as we sold our home, gave up our normal life and moved provinces to a new life and new job. Over time, I became less stressed and sure enough the weight came back without me really changing anything significant except my stress levels.

As a child I fit and thin, but I was often in a state of survival stress living with a single mom. I was told repeatedly I was fat since I was 7 years old by my mom. Did this programming subconsciously lead to weight gain? Is there more to it then that?

When I went to university, I was no longer in a survival state and started to gain weight but I can tell you I was very, very stressed taking 6 classes, keeping a 4.0 average and working 2 jobs. So, was it the survival state that created or promoted the weight loss, was it programming or was it being really stressed but not in survival mode? Hmmmmm . . .

I came across this is interesting article yesterday. You can read it here. Fat cells talk to the brain. If the brain is feeling too much stress, it creates an enhanced state of stress in the body.

Fat cells will dampen these messages of stress signals the brain is sending out, so the body feels less stressed. They can tell the body that no, there isn't that much stress, you are okay, chill out.

So from reading this, I am making the hypothesis that the more stressed you feel, the more fat cells are produced to help balance out and dampen the affects of stress in the body.

Now I personally know that when you reach a state of survival stress, you can drastically lose weight and quickly, so there must be a survival stress tipping point where the brain ignores the fat cells and burns energy to get ready to survive. Now an overweight person is stressed to a certain point, but not to a state of imminent survival? Something I have been pondering since I read the article.

My husband pointed out that exercises is a natural stress reliever. The more exercise you do, the less stress you feel and the less fat cells need to be produced to compensate and tell the body to chill out and dampen the stress message. But it does not address the stress that is STILL being felt by you, caused by people in your life, your surrounding and your mindset. So when you stop exercising, the brain again sends stress signals, because the stress has not stopped and do fat cells get produced in response to trying to balance out the body and calm its stress response. This is what I am wondering.

People who do rigorous exercise often get hurt and have to stop working out, and the weight eventually comes back. But what if it was not because you stopped exercising . . . what if it was because the exercise you were doing stopped the stress messages and now those stress messages are again being sent and something needs to bring balance back, so fat cells are created. Not because you stopped exercising, but because the stress is and always was still there and something else needs to dampen it.

I would hypothesize that 97% of stress that we feel is caused by what we believe, the actions we take because of those beliefs and what we attract due to those beliefs. We create our own stress because we create our own reality.

I propose that if we deal with the belief systems that are causing the stress in the first place, the body will slow down sending out stress messages, there for less fat cells will need to be created and weight loss will happen. Regardless of exercise or diet changes.

Yes exercise and a good diet will ALWAYS be good for us and I highly recommend it, but not to extremes. I believe that exercise and dieting are band-aid solutions to a stress problem/addiction that we are not addressing or dealing with.

If you get rid of the majority of your known and I believe unknown stressors that you are dealing with, you don't have to do rigorous exercise to maintain a healthy weight. They say French women are thin because of their diet, but I am not so sure. I am wondering about their mindset and stress levels . . . Maybe that is the real answer.

I am going to be doing some work on this with myself over the next several months and will keep you updated.


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