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Leverage is FREEDOM! Freedom from creating new content ,on a continual basis.

#Leverage means taking your existing content, such as a blog, #book or course material and turning it into things to use to #market your #business. You can use this leveraged material to make social media posts, give-aways or handouts.

If you write a blog post, you can turn it into #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram, and #LinkedIn posts. You can even turn your blog posts into a new book or a new course.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel each time you create a social media post. Look at the marketing materials you already have written, the blog posts you have done and see how you can use them for marketing posts.

I often take my social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, and turn them into #blog posts!

Leveraging saves you loads of time and allows you to get back to engaging with and serving your client base.

We are always helping you save time in your business!

Lisa Petr and the Zen Virtual Assistant Team

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