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Why You Should Outsource!

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Find and delegate your $10/hr tasks. These are things that take you away from what you and only you do, really well in your business.

Many people can do the jobs below, that is why you should outsource them. You need to focus on growing your company, attracting new clients with your unique skill set and creating new products and services, that wow your clients. Only do things where you can shine and stand out.

Jobs that can be outsourced:
▪Data entry
▪Processing payments
▪Sending out invoices
▪Basic customer service
▪Non-sales related emails
▪Website building, additions and upgrades
▪Social media marketing and management
▪Writing and posting blogs
▪Leveraging your content into new give-aways or courses

And even in your life, you should outsource things that take your time away from spending quality time with your family and pets or engaging in revenue producing activities. You can outsource these activities, unless you love these things or they are stress relief activities for you.

▪Grocery Shopping
▪Meal Prep
▪Running errands
▪Buying Gifts and Cards
▪Going to the Dry cleaners
▪Home Repair
▪Painting Fences
▪Dog Walking

Focus on the $100-1000+/hr tasks. (e.g. Sales, marketing, business strategy/growth, processes, templates and product creation.) Time is our most precious asset and we should only spend it on high dollar per hour tasks and with our loved ones.

When you outsource, you are helping another entrepreneur get ahead as well. It is a win-win arrangement.

Zen Virtual Assistant Services can help you with all your business outsourcing needs! Contact us today for a quote!

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