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Yay or Nay to Branded Images?

Is it even important?

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How do you feel about seeing images with logos in them, on your social media feeds?

What do you find acceptable and what do you feel is over the top and verging on spami-sh, when you look at the images above or think about images you have seen in the past?

Some companies brand every single image they put out, so it is brand consistent and if people copy and then paste the image on their own feed, the business name and website, are still transferred with the shared image.

This allows people to contact or find the business owner, no matter whose feed the image ends up on.

It also means people don't have to tag the website in a post, if they don't want to, or forget to, because the logo or website is on the image.

I really like branded images for the marketing value. It is good practice to brand all your images, but having every image look exactly same, is not always intriguing to your customer and it can look spammy. Think of going to an Instagram page and every image looks exactly the same, because of the heavy branding. It can be a big turn off. Variety is the spice of life and customers demand it!

A magazine, publication or fashion brand can get away with a heavily branded image, (see We are Beautiful Magazine image below), if it is done tastefully and it is promoting their product and what it looks like. If you like the image, logo and style of the magazine or publication, you are more likely purchase it.

Many people buy fashion based off of label. So if you are starting out as a fashion designer, have great images and a catchy or chic logo, branded on every image. This way, people will see your logo and start to think of your clothing brand or they will see your clothing and remember the logo. This helps the consumer be able to search for you on Google and purchase from you. Having your website on the images is very helpful, when you are first starting out - so it is easier for people to find you.

What can you do to be branded, but not look spammy? You can watermark your logo and add a subtle website, like I did with my heart logo, in the "We are hiring image". A watermark is a screened image of your logo. It is a transparency, which means it is a subtle, softer color and blends in with the image better. You want your logo to not overwhelm the image or message you are trying to attract your customer with, but you want your customer to be able to find your company as well. It is a balancing act between marketing and engagement.

Tony Robins' signature branding works, because he is so well known and it doesn't overwhelm the image.

If you are just starting out, make sure you have your logo or part of your logo, like I did with my heart, so that people begin to identify your services or products, with the logo. Always add your website to the image, so people can find you, as well.

Most people will NOT search for you by just a name. There can be so many results that come up on the search engines and they don't want to spend that much time, scrolling through pages of possible matches. If you put your website on each image, they can type it in and find you immediately. Making it easy for people to find you, increases sales.

What I suggest, is having a logo or part of your logo, watermarked, so that is subtle and doesn't take away from the image or message you are promoting. I recommend that you create a few options of your logo, in a watermarked or bar logo style, to use in your posts. This way, the post images always look fresh and new, because you have several ways your logo can be formatted onto a post, but, you still have the same brand consistency with the images.

Tip: The PicArt App, watermarks your logo for you, in the blend option.

Tell me below how you feel about branded images and if you have any tips to add.👍

Helping you reach your target market effectively!

Lisa Petr

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