• Sacred Business Energy Coaching

    "I help business owners connect Authentically to their Sacred Business Energy,

    to achieve SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and BALANCE."

    As Business owners - what have we forgotten?

    Each business has its own unique energy and as business owners, many of us have forgotten how to work with this sacred energy.


    Many people have not even considered that their business has a distinct energy, apart from their own personal energy.


    They don't engage in a co-creation relationship with it.


    They try to force decisions and take directions, that don't work with the business energy.


    This causes the business to struggle and often the person doesn't know why.


    They find their business becomes just like any other job, instead of the sacred act of creation and service to others, which it is meant to be.

    What is Sacred Business Energy?

    Not sure what I mean by Sacred Business Energy? Let me explain:


    Have you ever been in a small business setting and the company has its own distinct energy. You can feel it when you go into the store, go to the website or see the marketing. The energy has a different feel from the owners energy and personality, if you know them well. It might be similar, but it isn't quite the same.


    That is because a business is created from the soul-fed heart desire, of the person, its ideal customers, its existing customers and the staff that work there.


    All that energy combines into its own distinct energy field.


    Brands or companies that do not know what their Sacred Business Energy is, often struggle to find the right staff and customers.


    They fall flat on their marketing and they miss the boat with their products.


    Each day is a struggle and most business owners often give up, because they simply cannot get a handle on why their ideas, did not work.


    What happens when you co-create with

    this sacred energy?

    Successful brands know exactly what type of energy they want to create in their company and they hire the right staff, that works with this energy and create products, that flow from this energy.


    They make decisions and marketing plans, that are in line with this scared energy, which allows them to easily attract their ideal customers; who fall in love with the energy of the company and their products.


    When owners work with their sacred business energy, their business becomes enjoyable, products ideas are divinely inspired, marketing concepts flow easily and owners find their business becomes a joy - not a job!

    Do YOU need to connect to your

    Sacred Business Energy?

    Are you a business owner who does not know what the sacred energy of your company is?


    Do you want to co-create with it or help it to flow into the energy you originally intended?


    Are you a brand new business owner who wants to create this sacred energy right from the start?


    Do you need to have an audit done on your sacred business energy, in order to find out what it feels like and looks like, to an outside person?


    You are in the right place!


    Contact me for a FREE 45 min consultation, to further understand what Sacred Business Energy is and how it can change your business for the better!

    Coaching Rates:

    1 hour Coaching = $70 USD


    3- 1 hour sessions = $195 USD


    5 - 1 hour sessions = $300 USD


    I can coach over Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messanger and in person.


    I can work with anyone worldwide who speaks English and I am flexible with time zones and days.


    I am located in Comox, BC, Canada, on Vancouver Island.


    CONTACT ME to get get started today on re-aligning your business!

  • Refund Policy:

    Unused coaching sessions can be refunded at any time. Your money is gratitude for my services. I welcome it with open arms and will give it back with open arms. Please send me an email to start this process, if you find you are not longer resonating with my services. Already used coaching sessions are non-refundable.

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