• Life Coaching

    "I believe life is a learning auditorium, where we can manifest anything we want and can live our dream life NOW!"

    I am a:

    • Certified Life Coach
    • Food Allergy Coach by necessity
    • Parent Coach for parents who have kids with anxiety
    • Intuitive Channel
    • Astrologer
    • Numerologist 
    • Oracle Card Reader 

    I offer one on one personal coaching, allergy coaching and parents who have children with anxiety coaching.


    I help people pin point what pattern, mindsets, thought addictions or behaviors are holding them back in their life.


    I give my clients easy to follow, step by step instructions, that help them immediately shift out of these limiting mindsets and behaviors and empower them to move in a positive direction.


    Each session is unique to the individual I am coaching. This is your path, it is unique to you and it cannot be shifted with a cookie cutter approach - a one modality fits all belief.


    I truly listen to you and your struggles and help you to find a way that helps you to shift your blocks and limiting mindsets, so you can thrive and shine in your life.


    All sessions are fully confidential and I use real world stories and examples, to help you understand and integrate the knowledge that I have to teach you.


    I use a cutting edge, Neuro Alignment Science Modality, as well as hundreds of other modalities, to help you find the information and exercises, that work for you and make sense to you.


    I use humor, engaging examples and tried and true exercises, to help you create new though patterns and behaviors, that will help you create joy, happiness and hope in your life and in your family.


    Contact me for a complimentary 45 minute discussion on your life, dreams, desires, hopes and blocks TODAY!

  • Refund Policy

    Unused coaching sessions can be refunded at any time.  Your money is gratitude for my services.  I welcome it with open arms and will give it back with open arms.  Please send me an email to start this process, if you find you are not longer resonating with my services.  Already used coaching sessions are non-refundable. 


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