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    I help you find Business, Social Medial and Special Event solutions that are right for your: Tech Level - Comfort Level - Budget     I help you create unique and innovative marketing and social media solutions,  that help you connect to your ideal client and allow you to create  a sustainable, growth oriented business.

      I help small business owners to:

      • create engaging marketing plans
      • create engaging social media plans
      • evaluate their business, marketing plan and business direction
      • write, edit and publish their books
      • set up a small scale website, course or special event website
      • create course content
      • evaluate their current web and course content
      • leverage their existing content into new material
      • learn how to speak and think as a successful business person and leave the lack mentality behind

      Reach your Ideal Clients:

      I help business owners create and write engaging:

      • elevator speeches
      • marketing materials
      • tag lines and slogans
      • custom logos and branding
      • product ideas that your ideal clients will resonate with 
      • course content
      • social media posts
      • Facebook Ads
      • Facebook posts
      • Instagram images
      • Twitter posts
      • marketing images 
      • small scale web sites done on Strinkingly
      • small scale shopping platforms, such as My Shopify sites

      Contact me HERE, to book a 30 minute FREE consultation.

      Find out who your Ideal Clients are:

      Attracting the correct clients to your business, is key to business success!

      I help my clients learn how to:

      • identify and profile their ideal clients
      • identify what the ideal clients want to hear
      • identify which images, colors and slogans appeal to them
      • where they hang out on social media and how to engage them
      • their purchasing habits
      • their loyalty rating
      • engage them effectively 
      • market to them with success
      • set up templates that they can use for effective marketing
      • keep the clients coming back for more
      • track data to see how their marketing is doing
      • change what is not working and enhance what is working

      Book a 30 minute FREE consultation, to discuss your Ideal Client.

      Create Marketing and Social Media Plans:

      If you don't have a plan, you fishing without a hook!


      Social media and marketing plans help business owners to effectively engage their ideal clients, schedule product effective product launches, market courses and retreats in the correct amount of time and help create sustainable business growth.


      It stops the overwhelm of having to create content last minute and eliminates poorly done marketing posts. It gives business owners time to create content and images their customers will resonate with and allows for proper roll out of marketing materials, so they can build a loyal client base.


      I help my clients learn how to create:

      • short, mid-range and long term marketing goals and plans
      • targeted marketing vs general marketing
      • social media marketing plans
      • business plans
      • systems to improve their marketing and business growth
      • systems to allow them more personal flexibility and free time
      • systems to help them create a succession plan

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      Review existing content and websites:

      I help my clients make sure their content is grammatically correct, is something their ideal clients will love and make sure that it is relevant and concise.


      Having a web page that is full of paragraphs of text, that reads like a novel or alternately that doesn't give enough information, are all things that can destroy your business success. No one likes a website that looks pretty, but doesn't tell you what the business does or sells.


      Businesses now have only 3 seconds to grab their potential clients attention, show that they can solve a problem for them and engage them, or they loose their attention.


      I audit my client websites, course content, marketing materials and speeches, to help them refine and polish their image and brand, until it is something their ideal client will authentically resonate with and truly love.


      Book a 30 minute FREE consultation.

      Professional Book Editing and Market Services

      I help business owners or authors:

      • Editing their manuscript to create excellent Ideal Reader engagement
      • Learn to write their book
      • Marketing their book
      • Create a book Launch and Book Signings, in person and virtual
      • Learn about Publishing options
      • What needs to be on a Book Cover and what their Ideal Client wants to see
      I also provide
      • Transcription Services for radio, pod casts, tele-summits, video's and webinars.
      • Ghost Writing Services for people who have trouble writing

      Learn more about my Editing Services, by clicking HERE


      and WORKSHOPS

      Running a special event, retreat or workshop is a BIG job, let me help you make the event something to be remembered and have people excited to go to your next one!


      I help business owners:

      • create and run engaging special events, speaking engagements, retreats or workshops
      • market their event effectively on social media
      • find key note speakers or co-presenters for their events
      • find the perfect event location
      • understand everything they need to know about running an event, from legal to food to travel ideas and issues
      • learn how to follow up with clients successfully, after your event
      • learn to build momentum for future events
      • effectively sell products at your event
      • write engaging content and speeches
      • add humor to your event
      • create a sacred atmosphere

      Contact me HERE, to book a 30 minute FREE consultation to discuss you next event idea or plan.

      Coaching Rates:

      1 hour Coaching = $70 USD


      3- 1 hour sessions = $195 USD


      5 - 1 hour sessions = $300 USD


      I can coach over Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messanger and in person.


      I can work with anyone worldwide who speaks English and I am flexible with time zones and days.


      I am located in Comox, BC, Canada, on Vancouver Island.


      CONTACT ME to get get started today on re-aligning your business!


      Tutoring and Private Lessons:

      I am happy to each my clients these necessary skills, though private classes and tutoring. Save yourself time and money, by learning to do these thing yourself. Rates above apply.

      • How to Blog - 3 hour course
      • How to be an effective Speaker - 3 hour course
      • How to be an effective Networker - 3 hour course
      • How to Tweet - 3 hour course
      • How to use Instragram - 3 hour course
      • How to Market on Facebook - 3 hour course
      • How to create a Facebook Ad - 1.5 hour course
      • How to Pinterest Market - 2 hour course
      • How to create an engaging LinkedIn page - 4 hour course
      • How to create a video or do YouTube spots - 2 hour course
      • How to be a Special Events Troubleshooter - 3 hour course
      • How to Self Edit books, marketing material or content - 1 hour course
      • How to Write and marketn a Book - 5 week course, 2 hours per week. 

      I can coach over Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messanger and in person.


      I can work with anyone worldwide who speaks English and I am flexible with time zones and days.


      I am located in Comox, BC, Canada, on Vancouver Island.


      CONTACT ME to get get started today on learning these valuable business skills!


    • Refund Policy:

      Unused coaching sessions can be refunded at any time. Your money is gratitude for my services. I welcome it with open arms and will give it back with open arms. Please send me an email to start this process, if you find you are not longer resonating with my services. Already used coaching sessions are non-refundable.

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