• Other Skills I Can Offer My Clients

    • Professional Book Editing and help writing your book
    • Special Events and Retreats Trainer
    • Ghost Writing
    • Small Site Web Design
    • Intuitive Card Readings


    I help individuals to tap into their inner gifts,

    break out of self limiting beliefs,

    connect with themselves authentically 

    and find their joy, hope and happiness again!


    I help business owners connect with their

    target markets in meaningful ways,

    so they can create sustainable and profitable

    businesses and LOVE what they do!

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  • Disclaimer:

    I am not a doctor, psychologist, therapist, naturopath, counselor, medical practitioner, accountant, or lawyer of any type. My services are not to be used in place of medical treatments or medical advice. The person reading this website understands that they are looking for services and programs, that are outside the scope of traditional medical and psychological services. If you are under extreme distress or are severely depressed, I recommend you seek immediate medical attention. My services in no way override any medical advice, you are or have been given.


    This advice is given person to person, in a non-qualified or governed manner. I am not responsible for any actions you take, based on the guidance you receive from my coaching and training. I do not guarantee any results, profits, business or life success. I am not responsible for any events, financial or otherwise, that happen during or after my coaching or tutoring.

  • Lisa Petr - Coach


    Comox, B.C. Canada

    250-331-1700 - Text Only



    Are you a book author? I also do professional book editing. Check the Zen Word Whisperer website for more information.

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